Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some tips for preparation

1) First choose your 1st optional

2) Now buy syllabus of GS and your optional. Go through it comprehensively.

3) Buy previous 10 years question papers of prelims and mains for your optional and GS.
Make sure that these question papers are divided question wise.

4) Now go through the questions to understand the pattern of the paper. After you have seen what the exam expects out of you,  start studying the basic books.

5) When you are studying basic books for GS and optional, do not go about making notes and cramming stuff. This first reading is meant to acquaint you with concepts. So  focus on conceptual understanding no matter  how factual the subject is.

6) Always try to understand the central aspect of any topic and not the peripheral aspects. Peripheral aspects will naturally follow.

7) Do not just start preparing for prelims exclusively. The idea is that you should first prepare holistically for prelims and mains together and towards the last 3 4 months you can focus exclusively on prelims. 

8) Always keep sight of the question paper pattern. Do some problem solving for both prelims and mains.

9)Take regular breaks. Noone can keep working non stop.  :-)

10) Keep a chart to track your progress. I did that and that helps.

hope this helps.



  1. hi shubhra..

    plz explain 'question wise'...u mean those with questions divided as per the topics?

    and by peripheral aspects...do you mean the applied aspects?

    also plz tel if note-making after the first reading is helpful...im not at all into note-making...is it really required? all my books are black n blue and its always been such since grad years...does note-making really make a positive difference ?

  2. Shubra JI

  3. well I have taught there. But I can't recommend other faculty there. I have no experience whatsoever of the quality of teaching there.

  4. Thanx a lot mam...yor this blog help me lot.

    Mam i want to ask that my english is not that much gud as i am a hindi med. student...so how i improve my eng.(sm tips) and how much english needed ...i mean is it necessary to know a very gud eng 4 this xam...

    I hav 3 years of time for this xam...so is it right time to take coaching in delhi.. mam?



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  6. Congratulation to Exclent Sucsess

  7. abhimanyu,

    you just need to be grammatically correct that's all.


  8. Thanks very much for creating this blog....

  9. respected ma am i am taking coaching from mukul pathak sir, and i attended your lecture there it was really inspiring.. thank you.. andf possible do please come to institute and keep guiding us..b p singh

  10. Thank you mam for your kind suggestion.

    i feel amazing to talk with no. 1 ias officer .

    Thank u again mam.

  11. Hi mam,

    Can you let me know what kind of chart do we need to prepare to track out progress. Should it be weekly/monthly. I am planning to attempt 2010 prelims. How many hours of effort do i need to put in daily.

    Should i start preparing for my 2nd optional and GS mains or should i start with my 1st optional.

    As many of us are planning to attempt 2010 CSE, can you please give us some plan as to how our preparation should be.

  12. these things you will have to decide for yourself. whatever workd best for you, do that.

  13. Hi Ma'am,

    Kindly advise on whats aspects of history and polity should we concentrate. The syllabus is vast in content and the pressure in mounting a lot these days.

    I really don't know the outcome of my preparation... i mean i study fine but then one can never be sure with the CS exam. Calibration of candidates is though a number of elusive stages and if a single aspect is weak.... WHACK!!!! UR OUT !!!

    This is a negative frame of mind but is inescapable. Please Help !!!!!

  14. All aspects are imp. Look at the question paper pattern. that will give you an idea.

  15. Ma'am,
    did you mean unitwise question papers when you said 'questionwise' question papers?

  16. Oh yeah...I mean unitwise also broken up topic wise

  17. Thanks a lot Ma'am. Kindly keep up the great work. Thanks a lot once again.

  18. how to prepare the general science part for GS

  19. I didnt prepare the gen sc part. I would assume NCERTs would suffice

  20. Ma'am,

    Kindly throw some light on the 2 markers of history.I generally feel that 5-6 can be answered based on previous knowledge without much preparation.Is the extra effort worth it and kindly mention the source(is spectrm indian culture good).

    Thanks and regards ma'am.

  21. Buy previous ten years solved 2 marker book. That will help you substantially, not just for History but for all subjects 2 markers.

  22. Hi Ma'am,

    In Polity for Gs what must be the thrust area's for preparation from exam point ? I think i might just be moving in the wrong direction since polity is consuming a lot of time, so wanted to consult with you.

    Hope you are doing good and blessed by the almighty .

    Sincere Regards,
    Akhil Rana.

  23. Go thru the question pattern for the last 10 yrs...you will get an idea

  24. When in your opinion is a good time to start answer writing practice? Presently I am focussing on finishing the syllabus of 2nd optional and prelims part of 1st optional and conventional part of GS (CSE 2010). Is it a good idea to start answer writing practice after prelims. Would four months practice suffice?

  25. yes...first finish your syllabus once. 4 months would suffice...but atleast try writing some basic ans now to see how ur doing now

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