Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My experiences-II

Hi All,

I am back again!
All of you are aspiring for civil services. Some of you will make it to IAS, some to IPS,some to IFS and so on. On the way to these services, you face so many roadblocks in terms of failure, loss of motivation and many other factors unaccounted for. You feel as if once you get into the service, you would have all solutions.

But from an insider's perspective, the day you enter a service, the real battle starts. It's not a cakewalk I assure you. But even despite many constraints, there's so much difference you can make just by being efficent, fair and honest.

There are so many problems that can be solved if we perform our legally mandated role. One doesn't need to be an out of the world kind of officer. If you just perform your duties in the mandated manner i.e. fairly, honestly, efficiently and diligently, yoyu would be considered a messiah at the grassroots. People are really jaded and tired and they keep looking for officers that can deliver goods as they are meant to be.

Those are my thoughts.
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