Thursday, November 10, 2016

Samvardhan:Transformation of Anganwadi Centres into play schools

Anganwadi Centres are govt. centres for implementation of ICDS scheme to combat malnutrition in women and children. These centres also provide for early childhood education to 3-6 year old children before the start of their formal education. More  often than not they are in such bad shape, dingy and unattractive that they do not have good attendance of children. There is a very poor turnout and the environment is not conducive to any kind of learning. The basic requirement was clear: To make these centres into attractive playschools having a child friendly look and an education enabling environment. By converging resources of Health, Panchayati Raj deptt and ICDS, we transformed all govt. owned Anganwadi Centres into attractive Samvardhan Centres @Shahjahanpur. In Bulandshahr also this work was continued. I am sharing some before n after pics of the centres.