Monday, December 28, 2009

Interview Preparation

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in the post.
I have been very busy with my training at LBSNAA. Even right now as I write this post I am sitting in the office of a regiment of army at Poonch(the border town on Indian side).

Let's come to interview preparation.
Interview is a test of your personality. The attempt is to test your presence of mind, attitude, emotional stability and in general they would like to see if you are a balanced personality or not.

1. First take a few copies of your mains form. Share it with a couple of people/friends who are close to you. Now start writing questions on every component of your mains form. For eg. if your form contains names of 4 5 places, then write whatever questions come to your mind wrt these places and even related questions. For eg. my form had moradabad in it, so questions would pertain to brass exports, SEZ, child labour in brass industry, moradabad's share in Indian handicraft exports and so on. Open your mind to the range of questions that can be asked. You should take some time to do this job as it is the most crucial part. Make a notebook having different sections, hobbies, places, educ background and write as many questions as possible.

2.. Once you have made this notebook, start researching the answers. Write relevant facts and info in a separate notebook.

3. For general awareness and a balanced opinion, read atleast 2 newspapers. I read ToI and Hindu. Jot down the important aspects and facts in news and major issues, for eg climate change.
4.Also focus heavily on International relations and specially India's equation with other countries and changes in foreign policy. Get a good book on India's foreign policy, preferably a new one.

5.Always remember that more important than the facts it is your opinion that matters. So try to cultivate a balanced thinking if you don't have it. Try to form an opinion on all issues around you.
6. For people with difficulty in public speaking, get involved in group discussions with other people on current issues of importance.

7. Develop a good awareness of yourself and your background. You should be sure of what you have presented before them in your mains form. I hope you haven't lied about your hobbies and extra curricular activities in the form, as they are wise men/women.

Keep posting questions on this post for interview preparation. No other questions would be entertained.