Friday, November 16, 2012

For all those future administrators of the country...

Hey Guys!!!

I am sure you must be busy with your preparation....
I just had a volley of questions to throw to you... There are so many govt schemes that are meant to benefit people.. but sadly due to many reasons, they are failing to have their desired impact. I am coming across some problems and I need you guys to help me out. However wild the idea might be, post them here... Maybe together we would be able to do something significant, specially something for a backward and underdeveloped district like Shrawasti... So let your neurons fire and post your ideas here..

1) How to ensure that teachers come to school?
2) How to ensure that the teacher actually teaches students and learning happens?

If I get good responses on these questions, I will keep posting practical problems from the field and you all can advise me a to how to go about solving them. Let your fresh uncluttered minds work the magic...


It was amazing to receive so many of your suggestions. I am sure you have many more such great ideas. will definitely use some of your ideas in Shravasti. God Bless!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

First posting as District Collector

Hi guys,

It's been a really long time since I have expressed myself on this blog. I have recently been posted as District Collector and Magistrate, distt Shravasti. Shravasti is one of the most backward districts in UP. Physical and human infrastructure is majorly lacking. I feel really fortunate to get a district like Shravasti in my first posting as Collector because everywhere you see, there is so much opportunity to do something great and wonderful.

Just one experience I would like to recount. After joining Shravasti, I inspected a Block Resource Center of SSA where training of teachers was going on. As expected most teachers were absent. I took immediate action against the teachers. when I came out... People thre were shouting slogans... "ziladhikari Shravasti zindabad". I felt humbled to my core because these people have such low expectations from administration that even the most mundane thing I would do here would be huge for them.

I hope I am able to do some good work here. wish me luck guys!
Will keep sharing