Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Experiences-I

Sorry everyone for such a long delay!!
I am at Faizabad right now, posted as SDM sadar. Right now I am in middle of District training. IAS training involved two phases of academy training separated by a one-year stint in the district.

When we are dispatched from LBSNAA to our respective districts, we are given a very rigorous schedule and many many assignments. Ideally, we should stick to those schedules and finish our assignments. But then many a times there is not much consonance between what's prescribed and what's practised. I should have been SDM for about only 4-6 weeks towards the fag end of my district training. But now it has been 1.5 months into it and I am loving it. The flipside is that I keep so busy that I am unable to finish my academy assignments on time. Even as I type this post, I was trying to finish an assignment that I was supposed to have submitted by 15th of February. But in the last few weeks, all the districts of U.P have been in constant upheaval because of CM's whirlwind tour of the state.

By this tour of CM in the state, all the tehsils and thanas and district hospitals of state have been put back in shape, both figuratively and literally. My tehsil was also visited by the CM and it was a learning experience for me. I realised that there are a few things like grievance redressal which need to be monitored well. if that happens on a continuous basis, many things will fall automatically in place. Anyway, the CM was very happy with our tehsil and specially the tehsildar's work as he had been here since the last 4.5 years!!! To cut the long story short, it was all festive at my tehsil once our CM left happily from our tehsil.

But alas her next destination was not such a happy place. She inspected the District hospital and seeing the neglect and poor hygiene there, suspended the Chief medical suprintendent. In the next district Ambedkar Nagar, the SDM and Tehsildar were removed.... The saga goes on. But I really felt that this tour of our CM has done wonders across the state. Check out for yourself if you belong to U.P. I am sure you would agree.

Time to stop. But I promise I will be back. I have missed being in touch with my dear bloggers. Next time I will share more experiences of LBSNAA training.

Ciao for now. So long....