Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My experiences-II

Hi All,

I am back again!
All of you are aspiring for civil services. Some of you will make it to IAS, some to IPS,some to IFS and so on. On the way to these services, you face so many roadblocks in terms of failure, loss of motivation and many other factors unaccounted for. You feel as if once you get into the service, you would have all solutions.

But from an insider's perspective, the day you enter a service, the real battle starts. It's not a cakewalk I assure you. But even despite many constraints, there's so much difference you can make just by being efficent, fair and honest.

There are so many problems that can be solved if we perform our legally mandated role. One doesn't need to be an out of the world kind of officer. If you just perform your duties in the mandated manner i.e. fairly, honestly, efficiently and diligently, yoyu would be considered a messiah at the grassroots. People are really jaded and tired and they keep looking for officers that can deliver goods as they are meant to be.

Those are my thoughts.
Comments are welcome.



  1. Ma'm, I am also following your path & guidelines to achieve this target. Just always give your precious & valuable suggestions to us, so that we can inspire ourselves.

  2. Thanks for your valuable insights. Shailesh

  3. ma'am u r absolutely right and its really sad that we have very few officers who really want to do something...many people chose this profession seeing only the glittering side but once they enter either they become corrupt or indifferent. i think people who are really passionate about their country and of a very strong will should chose this profession

  4. Congratulations once again, nice to see u back. you said it simply and perfectly..

    All the very bets for your career..

  5. Hi Shubhra,
    I am a civil services aspirant and your initial blogs and Public Administration book have been very helpful to me. Especially your book helped me in preparing my own notes for Public Administration this time. Thank you very much.

    And regarding the experience in administration, though i am still an outsider, I too feel, in spite of many constraints in government functioning, an IAS officer can really do a lot. I would like to share an example from my state - Andhra Pradesh - I believe this project could take shape with active contribution from the district officials and it can bring lot of change at the grassroots.


    -Swetha Nandyala

  6. thanks mama for your update.. despite of being busy you have took out some time for your blog.. hats off to you...
    all the best for your current assignment..
    i am also preparing for IAS and right now working in Indian Oil corporation as an Engineer.. preparation halts often when site job is there..
    life is good here too but sometimes too frustrating..
    please share your experience regarding the work culture and the worst days as well as gud days of the job...
    appreciating the work by you... :)

  7. ryt said mam.....the realities at grassroot level r really far apart from the other side....me also experiencing da same ..but the same time m enjoying serving needy one's..........
    m appearing ds yr cse mains....kindly suggest sm "must to do" in gs(ny imp website ,mttrs etc) accrdings to the present trends goin on if possible frm ur busy schedule....fr dat i shall b thankful to u... :)

  8. hello mam, i would like to ask you one thing, although i haven't started preparing for civil services yet. many people have told me its necessary for an ias officer to be in the goodbooks of politicians. also, if you even dare to work honestly na, then you will invite your senior's wrath at your own peril. frequent transfers, threat to life and any other factors come into picture then. also, if you want to do something good for the people, then your seniors bring in a lot of political interference so that you are unable to accomplish it. these things make ias officers' life hell.

    also, many officers have told me pay scale for an ias officer is quite low and since everyone requires money, circumstances force you to accept bribes.

    mam, is it true, kindly throw some light on it.

  9. Hello Mam, How one has to tackle political pressure?

  10. Its good to see you back Madam.

    Your blogs have been the best source of guidance for aspirants like us.

    Thanks for all the support.

    All the Best.


  11. Dear Ms.Shubhra,
    First of all - sincere wish that you are able to retain the idealism along with the pragmatism and flexibility that a multi faceted career with various stake holders and interests that an IAS officer has to deal with.
    I believe that is the challenge which tests all that is best in us.
    Secondly - a frank and straight forward advise from you will help me make up my mind towards attempting the Civil Services. Am a 21 yrs, Hons Graduate, just joined my fathers medium sized business. There are about 40 employees and we are a fully compliant organisation in the Freight Services sector. Do you think it is a better way to lead a fulfilling life by being a Civil servant rather than be an honest business man? I am a socially conscious person desirous of having a fulfilling and productive career. In case an open blog is not the right forum then will be obliged if you kindly respond to rajeev_paras@yahoo.in, my e_mail id. Your candid response will help me make up my mind one way or the other.
    -- Thanks and Best Regards,
    Rajeev Parashar.

  12. Hello Madam,
    First of all many congratulations to you on this achievement.

    Could you please share us your training experience?
    What do they teach? Reason I am asking this, my few relatives are IAS officer and they also have gone same training some point of time. They all look so successful managing things in outer world as well as at personal level.
    I always hats off to all you people of IAS Category.

    Once again thanks for sharing ur experience.

  13. Hello mam, myself Mithilesh Kumar. i m one of the fan of your. please always be my torch bearer for me because i also wanna to be an IAS officer.yet i m persuing BCA 2semester.
    Jai Hind Mam

  14. good to see you back mam!

    very very true! I wish dat your thoughts possibly come as a tool through which those blind eye'd grassroots unfoil the reality .... and demand for a good and accountable governance!

  15. hello madam ..Iam anand ..doing my B.Tech 2nd Year in JNTU hyd .. Right 4m my childhood i have great passion towards civil services .. Will u pls tell me few guidlines on how to start my preperation from this age ...

    and iam really happy and thankful to see U guiding the aspirants with ur valuble suggestions .

  16. Hi Mam,
    I truly believe in what you have said....though i am not an IAS aspirant as in Iam trying for UPPCS...but i do believe its a battle for everybody...we just have to do our duties.
    thank you .

  17. Hi Ma'am,

    This is the first time I am visiting this blog. I am a Civil Services aspirant and planning to give the exam in 2012 for the first time. I am very happy to see your blog, a successful person helping other aspirants was really amazing and I am sure that your efforts will really be helpful for all the people visiting this blog. I would like to be regular visitor of this blog and gain knowledge. Also would seek your suggestions and guidance.


  18. good evening maam, i am also an aspirant for civil services and i would like to ask a general question as u are working as an IAS officer in UP, how do u feel working under people(ministers) who are less qualified(CM) than u.. how do u deal with that?

  19. Hello Shubra,
    I'm not a civil aspirant but love reading random blogs.Chanced upon yours and this post in particular.Allow me to share something here.Why is an 'if' involved whenever we write or read about the poor ? I fail to understand but is this a stumbling block or a stepping stone or something that we wait for until we realise that it's too late and the buck must be passed on.Are we really that helpless ? I have utmost respect for the service you are working with presently but don't you think the very premise of our understanding of the poor is on a shaky pedestal ? How long should be wait with those 'ifs' and not act fast and quick ? Kindly reply

  20. mam,the only thing which matters is that u are firm on your values...and that is what is important...self respect is the thing which gives immense pleasure...all the very best mam for your future journey..

  21. Keeping blogging regularly.... would appriciate if you can be in touch regularly, although understand that you might be finding it a bit hard considering the responsibilities attached with the job and the time it desreves.


  22. Nothing related to your Post .. just writing here to say thanks for your previous posts.
    As far as your battle is concerned, we hope you to win hearts and come out victorious. All the best ma'm

  23. Hello Subhra ji,
    Hope you are doing fine. Let me introduce my self first, I have done B.Tech from IIT kharagpur in 2007 and since then I am in job because of family responsibilities. Now I have completed my responsibilities and want to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer. I have decided to take PAdmin and Psychology as optional subjects.I am just a new comer in this field and want to capitalize your experience as much as possible. I have gone through most of the your blogs and found very useful. Subhra ji, I want to be in contact with you. If possible please, give me ur contacts.

  24. please share experience of real life problems a civil servant faces in real life as you come across them.thanks...

  25. Please visit www.itcsa.blogspot.com for more updates on civil service and relevant material

  26. gudevning mam,

    I am ur big follower......a small kid in d field..
    the first person who inspired me into the real preparation was you.....though i came 2 knw abt ths blog vry late...bt aap kabhi mere comments publish nahi karte....a bit disheartening....neways im sure aap padhte to zarur hoge.....
    thanx 4 ur guidance in every active nd passive form...

  27. dear mam,
    Thanx a lot for your motivating guidance. like an elder sibling you have inspired and guided all of us always. your book on public administration proved to be very handy for me in this year mains. I have a suggestion that if you could be able to get it translate and publish in Hindi also it will really help a lot of aspirants. I hope in spite of your busy schedule you will find some time to guide us through your blog.
    thanx a lot once again....

  28. ma'm being a female what all problems do you face compared to your male counterparts?

  29. am vikash pandey am inspire your blog.

  30. hi subhra mam i have seen ur interview..when u got selected at that time i finished my grad..m happy u got u.p cadre district faizabad...next to my place lucknow...u must be very busy...today...u came to my mind and i just googled u....u must b very busy...i read all ur blogs since 2009 today only....n my subjects are same as urs....m about to give my first attempt nex year...i want to know...how u use manage general studies....and how u use to practice 4 mains....those long answers n all...i jus want to tell u that u r so humble n calm..use to give reply of every question asked by aspirants...

  31. hi mam,
    i totally agree with ur opinion. it matters a lot on being on the side where u can't only think but can deliver ur best in making the system more efficient.i feel worthy to be in a system for performing and reforming rather pointing finger towards it.
    i'm also prepairing for civil services 2012 and in the due course facing problems specifically for mains.my optionals are geo. & psycho.so mam how can i improve my writing skills and my retention limit for such a huge knowledge stock.
    hope u will reply and ur valuable tips will help me out of my idle state and lead the way to join ias for further strengthing the elite workforce in reshaping india.
    ravi sourabh

  32. Hi mam,

    I am Venkatesh from IIT Madras. I am an entrepreneur and was try to form a better online preparation platform for aspirants. It would be great if you can come on board and give us suggestions.



  33. respected madam,

    I truly agree with you in your opinion about grassroots level scenario.

  34. Your efforts to help civil services aspirants via this blog are commendable. And surely they are of great relevance. Appreciate the concern.

    Thanks a lot.

  35. Your efforts to help civil services aspirants via this blog are commendable. And surely they are of great relevance. Appreciate the concern.

    Thanks a lot.

  36. Hi shubhra maƔm.. Had seen you in a local newspaper article (candidates protesting during a TET exam @ Faizabad).. SDM sadar's gesture was memorable & inspiring :-) .. Keep up the good work in your district, it's very much needed.. I still remember what I wrote in that August 2008 letter.. You are a role model to people & aspiring bureaucrats alike.. All the Best

  37. Please do share your field experiences & give insights as an insider (whenever time permits)..

    I'm sharing your post on my fb wall https://www.facebook.com/vishalkrmodi

  38. hi.. my father is also there in Faizabad, as AE in-charge of PWD guest house. he is retiring this december.
    Nice to see ur blogs.

  39. Super-like Ma'am, take care all the best and please do come to Orissa also. We'll meet :)...

    All The Best.

  40. Dear Sister,

    Kudos to you and your simplified thought process, loads of work stays undone due to official ignorance and disinterest of babudum; I bellieve and follow the same policy as i work for CRPF as Dy S.P. i also face same challenges.

    Kindly include only one point of mine; which is; how we can we increse the awareness among our people; about not just of their rights but also of their duties; it would make our participative democratic system flourish like never before.

  41. hi ma'm i also followed your's and i want become an IAS officer since my school days

  42. nice ideas mam,thank u

  43. Hello Mam,

    I'm doing my engg. from College of engg Roorkee,and my home town is Bulandshahr,so it would be beneficial for me if you can guide me.I'm in my III year and starting the preparation from now only.You must be knowing what are the problems an Engg. student faces during preparation,and hoping that I will make through.
    Thank you.

    Anshuman Kaushik

  44. I want to prepare ias so will you please give me suggetion how to prepare

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  46. Your perspective of life is enriching. "But even despite many constraints, there's so much difference you can make just by being efficent, fair and honest." - This is absolutely true.

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  48. hello ma'am, your words are really very inspiring, but does that really mean that any close relative of an ias officer cannot own a business, and even if he does the person who is the ias officer cannot give out tenders to his relative company even if its in the rught way

  49. hello ma'am
    your words are really very inspiring but does that really mean that any close relative of an ias officer cannot own a businessand even if y=the relative owns the business the officer cannot give him tenders even if its through the proper process of giving out tenders

  50. Dear Mam,
    I have a request.Could you kindly share your experiences of the medical examination conducted during the course of selection process for IAS?What medical tests etc are carried out for female candidates?

    I believe this will help the female aspirants .

    Warm regards

  51. hi ma'm first of all i am very sad that u r in that U P cadre IAS officers bcz of sp government. Do you think what nagpal IAS officer case recently and also suspended her for an enquiry on sand Mafia.......

    My question is that what we should do for these politicians ?

    according my view is that bureaucrats should also behave like gunda but be in limits of judiciary learn that chanakaya ! if these politicains can can hold a company of profit, why can't u elite people of india such a brilliant minded people can't have that company, why u always be victims of these politicians

    1. Can't u make money in a good way but not by corruption?
    2. y can't bureaucrats contest election ?

    I want to see the bureaucrats in such a way that all of them have financial stability, high salary such that no need for corruption, very high security for you people, at the end i don't think mediator like politicians should be present in the indian democracy..

  52. Gud luck mam............

  53. Hello ma'm,
    I am also an IAS aspirant like others here. The decision to take this exam is solely based on my urge to do something to make others life better in whatever small way I can. I am sure there is more to being an IAS officer than subdued under political pressure and public expectations.
    I just want to ask you is it possible to work as an honest IAS officer within the framework of constitution and still work normally? I mean sometimes I get a feeling that the moment you decide to be honest ,you become an enemy of a whole flock of your own peers. Is it true ?I want to be an honest & efficient IAS officer . Can i do that ,mam?

  54. Hello Mam!
    I read your post. It is good and motivational for all the candidates and girls preparing for civil services. I can say that it will give them confidence and your experience shown in this blog will really help them.
    Thank You
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