Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pub Ad coaching institutes

In Pub Ad coaching institutes, I had a very bad experience. So even though I went to a couple of them, I didn't derive any value from them and eventually left them for self study.

Please do not be misled by the newspaper and magazine advertisements that are publishing my photograph and make and evaluation of the classes yourself before joining them. Personally, I don't think that there is good guidance available for Pub Ad in Delhi.


  1. Ma'am, I'm waiting for your post regarding Coaching centers in Delhi for GS - Pub Ad (Prel). Thank you very much for your valuable time and Guidance.

  2. Kinu,

    As I said earlier, I haven't availed of any guidance for GS and Pub Ad. I did it through self study. So I am not in a position to recommend any coaching institute.


  3. hi Shubra,

    Congratulations...... you seem to have shelled out lots of money and got an equal amount of frustration in return..... honestly i've given my first post in your blog without completely reading it.... but as i was reading i found it very interesting, informative and it even occurred to my that you wanted to share your experiences after you clear civils, at the time of preparation itself... I have read many many articles about/by toppers but few of them were so informative..... the toppers whoz posts i admired a lot were Ms. Vijay Lakshmi Bidari, Mr. Nilesh and now yours..... thanks a lot for sharing your experiences...


  4. Mam,
    I had a plan for joining Pub ad in synergy institute,But had seen your post that this synergy is not good,now how about NIAS academy,inspiration academy .do u have any idea of these institute,I had seen a ad that u had been a student of that inspiration ias academy.So u could rightly suggest me about that institute.
    Mam i accept that no institute is good for Pub Ad in delhi,but coaching is really needed,as a teacher u may also know about the vital role of coaching center(for some support).So please tell me one such some what good institute for Pub ad.which u feel is some what ok of all the institutes that u have known or what u have heard.

    What is your idea about sriram IAS academy over vajiram mam for u think sriram is good for gs than vajiram in coaching and materials.(As u have been staying in Delhi u may know the standard of both these institutes,that's why asking you mam).

  5. I was not a student of Inspiration IAS academy. I just joined the test series there and left it after 2 tests.

    I have no idea about Sriram's

  6. hi mam,first of all high congratulations on urs topping the cse.mam, this is brijesh masiwal(22 yrs),an apprentice in indian navy.mam i had gone through all ur interviews,n was really very inspired.i have started preparing 4 the cse since june onwards.mam,i can't go 4 coaching as it is not at all possible 4 me.i have decided pub adm and psychology as my optionals.for pub adm plse guide me as to which books to be studied.which books did u study n u suggest the aspirants to strictly follow.plse give me the list of books 4 both prelims n mains.i wanted at least ur email id but as u donot like so,i shall not ask 4 it.i have a lack of direction ,so at least do this much 4 me.i shall be highly thankful 2 u.

  7. Mam,
    Respectfully ,.Being a technical student I got a lot inspiration from your carrier.I am a student of UCE,Burla odisha pursuing my final year B.Tech in electrical engg.Recently we had a meeting with honorable CM odisha along with principal secretary ot CM (Mr. B.K.Pattanaik) & Industry secretary (Mr. Aditya Padhy) regarding development of our college ,where I actually came to know the power and vision of an ias ,which just change my aim towards civil service .But I have a desire to serve my state & have a great vision for my state.Therefore,could I please get suggestion on following doubt .
    (1)What is the possibility of an IAS to get his/home cadre.
    (2)Would somebody get his/her home cadre permanently after being appointed as a officer to other cadre at starting.
    For which I shall be remain ever grateful to you.
    With regards

  8. @Prabhat
    getting home cadre is possible. 1/3 of all selected for a state are supposed to be insiders.
    if u get another cadre, your cadre can be changed only via marriage...and that too not allowed to home cadre.

  9. @brijesh
    go thru the entire blog. you will get your ans.