Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thread for my Pub Ad students

Dear students,

As requested by a few of you, I am creating this post so that I can continue helping you in your preparation even if the classes are over now. Plz feel free to post your queries, upload your answers as you did during the classes.

God bless you all!


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  3. Am sure, the classed must've been very useful. Would be great if you (the students) could share some insights/answers etc.

  4. i heartly welcome this post as Pub Ad is my one of the optionals.
    Thank you Madam

  5. Dear Shubhra,

    Thanks a lot for all your help..

    I was not able to make through pre this time. Can you please guide me that what all topics needs to be updated if one is appearing for next year?

    thanks a ton again.

  6. Hi

    I need your help in self prepartion as i am working as SW engg with CSC i did not get time for coaching can you tel me some good books or notes and the method so that i can prepare my self looking for ur reply


    Pawan Singh

  7. Dear Mam,
    Thnks a lot for the helping hand u extended to us during classes n took out time for us out of a very very busy schedule.
    It was really a wonderful learning experience, especially for guys like me who r unable to attend the regular coching classes owing to their current job burdens...
    Also many many thanks for starting this new thread...m sure that this will prove to be even more helpful, but the only sad thing will be......
    we won't be getting chocolates for good answers anymore...:)
    nyways....thnks a lot mam
    wish u all d best for ur foundation course!!!

  8. Its a nice blog posted by you. I was seeking for this type of blog that have good resource for students. I also find a really nice site where you can find Civil Services Papers and other various types of exam preparing materials. NCERT Books from 6th to 12th are also available for free download. Do check it out.....

  9. hello mam.
    mam, who were not able to attnd the classes,please help them mam, how can they get that useful material for prepn?

  10. Madam,
    Is it only for your students, just a follower of your blog,
    I am staying in Bangalore, can i post my answers to some pub ad previous years questions,
    I am preparing to write 2010 prelims, Now i preparing in mains aspect.

  11. @jammy
    I am glad that the classes were helpful for you.
    God bless you!

  12. @pawan
    kindly go thru the entire blo. You will get answers to a lot of questions.

  13. Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable information and knowledge!
    My this request is not related to this topic, but as i could not found any post related to my request so decided to put it here. Sorry for inconvenience!
    Psychology is my one optional for mains. I have went thru - Moran,King and Baron. Please suggest further readings and approach to follow. I am new to this subject.
    I am aiming for 2010 exam. Please suggest best coaching institue for Public Admin and Psychology in Delhi.

    Thanks a lot!

  14. plz post the ques under psychology post

  15. hello mam,
    thanks for ur guidance .i am going to give my upsc exam on 2011. I want to take chem and pub ad as my optionals.But i have no idea of how to study the books i.e, where to entire book or select topics....
    Same problem for General Studies too... I found some suggested books on net but hav no idea how to approach them...Can u plzz suggest me a way to overcome my prob...

  16. Hello Ma'm,
    can i post my answers for your evaluation, though I have not attended your classes b'coz of my job.

  17. Hi shubra,
    i just want to thank u for this blog.

  18. hi shubra,
    i just want thank u for this blog.

  19. Hi Shubhra,
    this is Swetha from hyd, I have been following your blog and its been very helpful. Currently i am preparing for 2009 mains and was wondering if i can get some of answers evaluated by you.

    Thank You,

  20. HI Shubra.

    Can u please let me know the best coaching institute for public administration based on ur experience

  21. @Deepak
    Kindly make the effort to go thru the entire blog before posting questions

  22. @sahas
    go thru the entire blog. you will get your answers

  23. Madam, thanks for this rare help. Posting the answer below for your evaluation. Q was asked in 2007 carrying 60 marks.

    Q. What is meant by morale? There is a belief "that morale and productivity go hand in hand and higher the morale, higher the productivity." Do you agree? Substantiate.

    A. Morality means the feeling of general happiness and satisfaction of a person or group at individual and organisational level. This socio-psychological state is of general character, long lasting, cost effective and highly productive. There is a directly proportionate relation between morale and productivity. Morale shoots the energy level, confidence and satisfaction of employees and team and ensures their loyalty towards organization. Productivity means efficient and cost effective production and it depends largely on the workforce and their commitment level. Morale is the basic input for boosting the commitment level of human resources ensuring the efficient and cost effective exploitation of material resources even in crisis like situation. Japan is an striking example of becoming the second largest economy within such a sort span even after the devastation of 1945 atomic bombing. This all happened because of its committed and dedicated workforce and labour friendly policies government which resulted in boosting the morale of its workforce in delivering low cost and high tech products.

    Morale as the socio psychological and behavioral concept originated as a result of search for ensuring efficient and effective production and corruption free workforce of high integrity. There are two kinds of resources available with any organization namely material and human resources. It is the human resource on whose efficiency depend the cost effective and qualitative processing of material resources which a consequences increases the productivity. Morale is indispensable for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the employee base. The orthodox mechanical and structural viewpoint of the organization in western economy ignored this aspect and the result was low productivity even after more than one century of industrial revolution. This necessitated the revision in approach by socio-psychological and behaviour thinkers of the age who came out with various behavioural concepts associated with reorienting the behaviour of workforce towards high production. Morale was one of those concepts.

    Probably it is the best among those concepts because it last long and much cost effective, once evolved. Unlike others, it is not generated over day through monetary and other inducements associated with a particular work imposing heavy financial burden on organization but evolved over time through sound personnel and operational practices. Once it is evolved it lasts long and provides ample opportunity to the organization to correct the mistakes of unhealthy personnel practices. This contributes to a large scale in productivity.

    Morale is characterized by increased confidence and energy level, high satisfaction level and sense of belongingness on part of workforce. This is attained by practice of recruiting and placing the right persons (with high aptitude and deep interests) in right job of organizations, simultaneously effective training and placement in right slot, attractive pay & perks, comfortable working environment, rewards and recognition and democratic, consultative and decentralised decision making. Recruitment, training and placement ensures the confidence, competence and energy level of the person, attractive service condition and comfortable working environment make him highly satisfied. Further Reward and recognition and democratic decision making secure his loyalty and sense of belongingness. Thus all the above mentioned practices are nothing but the steps directed to increase the MORALE of the employee base.

    pls view the next part of the answer in next post.

  24. Contd. from previous post

    I will analyse the various impediments of productivity and see how morale clears those impediments through confidence, satisfaction and loyalty generated over healthy and employee friendly organization.

    Very often productivity is marred due to unseen crisis and persistent challenges like understaffing, poor infrastructure, low resources, inefficiency of staff etc. In India there is shortage of productive workforce in general and judges, doctors and teachers in particular resulting in huge arrears of pending suits, long queue after hospitals and low enrollment and higher drop outs in schools. High confidence and energy level of an employee and a team generated through morale boosting personnel practices reduces the impact of the crisis and challenges on the mindset of employee and increase their efficiency. They turn this into an opportunity to prove their excellence and win more respect in organization. Such practices are required urgently in India since our judges and lawyers are one third efficient as compared to their western counterpart and morale of teachers and doctors are low.

    Secondly, effect of productivity is lost due to incurred cost on recruiting additional managers and leadership with short span of control for close supervision. Further corruption on part of employees and leaders also lowers the effect of production and productivity itself. Mr. Pratysh Sinha, CAG in a conference titled “peole, probity and performance” reffered to the World Bank report that India’s GDP and FDI would grow by 2% and 12% if corruption is eliminated. The need of close supervision is born out of poor satisfaction level on part of workers and morality of leaders. A satisfied workforce does not need much supervision as they have aptitude and general interest and satisfactory working environment. This relieves the existing leadership for handling planning and managerial work much effectively. This also fights corruption by activating the moral nerves of the people backed by general satisfaction.

    Thirdly and lastly, Productivity is affected by the informal practices in the organization on the part of workers. The reason behind them is the undemocratic decision making and highly centralized nature of organization. This creates the apathy and affects the loyalty of the workforce. The poor performance of development schemes in India reveals these facts. Morale boosting practices of consultative decision making and reward and recognition helps in cultivating the sense of belongingness and secures the loyalty of the people. Further it creates the sense of ownership on part of workforce which helps in mitigating the differences within workers and management facilitating high level of coordination which is indispensable for higher productivity.

    There has been academic debate about direct relationship between the morale and productivity among scholars. Those who deny this, argues the dearth of consistent data and universality of the relationship. Irrespective of such arguments, One can never deny the impact of the lower level of the constituents of morale on productivity in their absence. Like the role of human element in productivity, the role of morale in effectiveness of human resources can not be underestimated overlooked. The role of morale boosting practice of reward and recognition gets attested by the remark of an astute psychologist “you can get more of those you reward. It’s human nature.”

    Thnaks & Regards

  25. hello mam

    can i get our valluable study i m going to writ maina this year,
    bec of some prob im not able to attend ur classes in delhi(als)..

    i wil be thank full to u

    my mail id was

    regards abhishek

  26. Hi Mam,

    Thanks a ton for all your valuable suggestions so far. Just 3 Q plz.......

    1. how about Civil servise Times 2 marks booklet for GS mains
    2. How to take Notes from Hindu for this exam apart from editorial cuttings.
    3. Need my sample answers to be corrected by you each for Pub AD and PSy for one 20 and 60 mark Questions.

    My mail id is


  27. @christy
    1. no idea
    2. I didn't take notes from the newspaper...except a few articles coming under editorial section
    3. Please feel free to post your answer...but leave it on the blog and do not delete it.Others would also like to learn from the answer evaluation exercise.

  28. @Abhi
    Kindly get my book when it comes out. That will help

  29. @vishva
    plz post it under relevant post

  30. Madam, Apologize for the mistake. Reposting it at thread titled "Pub Ad mains and prelims Tips". Still don't know whether this is relevant post or not. Request you to re suggest with the title of the same.

    Thanks & Regards

  31. @ Vishwa

    Morale is diffrent from morality.
    Morale is about team spirt , Morality is all about ethics.

    Morale is a art/feeling of unity/integrity/strength using which a team can even lift an elephant.

    Relation btw Morale and Productivity stated above in the question is true.

    Reason : Main purpose of organistion is to organise and coordiante the people to acheive a common purpose/goal which can't be accomplished by single individual.

    How to achive the big task( Art of heavy lifting ) using people?
    Using coordiantion, communcication basically org principles to align people to org goal.

    All orgnizations will do the same? why some orgnizations able to produce/achive/win better than others?

    Strengthing of the bond btween the people in organization which can happen by incraesing the team spirt(feeling proud about organization) .
    its a better way of overriding the personal goal by org goals. If team spirt is high then personal goal will take back seat and people start think about organization/team more than there personal goals.
    It increases motivation , coordination etc.

    By organization principles we can say that a better motivated and coordianted people can produce high than the low coordianted and motivated.

    Since morale increases above paramters of organizations which will contribute for higher productivity we can safley bet that high morale produces high productivity.

    Note : I am not expert in PA, I expressed my views regarding the question.

    Dear madam,

    If possible could you please correct us.

    Aradhya HS

  32. Thanks you ardhya for correction. I mistakenly used the word morality in place of morale but answer is drafted with morale as a concept. I was cognizant of the difference between morale and morality and your corrections have refined and added values to those.

    Thank you for this great help.

    Thanks & Regards

  33. Dear Mam,
    Hope your foundation course is going excellent. I wish you all the very success in it!!!!
    Just Uploading one of the answers in this post as guided by you in your opening remarks of the thread. Also, I m uploading it in the thread "Pub Ad mains and prelims Tips". plz forgive if these are nt the right post to do n guide which one to upload in...

    Ques : "Kautilya was not only the foremost politico-administrative thinker of ancient India, but he was an advocate and preacher of moral values too." Comment (20 Marks)

    Ans: Kautilya being the initiator of political and administrative theories in India, emphasized not only on the procedural and hierarchical aspects of administrative system, but also he implicitly advocated the moral foundation of administrative structure and practices.
    Administrative structure propounded by Kautilya, is based on "Paternalistic Rule" where king has been accorded a divine status. While providing protection and security to his subject, he should grant favor like INDRA and work for their welfare because "In the happiness of the subject, lies King's happiness." This moral and divine cause of welfare is to be fulfilled by various activities such as SETUBANDHA, VRAJA, KHANI etc.
    Kautilya also emphasizes high moral values in character of a public servants. He described various methods to check this, such as :
    DHARMOPADHA - Test for possibility of plotting conspiracy against king.
    ARTHOPADHA - Test for inclination towards high economic gains.
    BHAYOPADHA - Test for joining in conspiracy against king.
    KAMOPADHA - Test for worldly desires.
    Along with these tests, administrative ethics and moral code of conduct for public servants have also been described. The principles of Duty, Responsibility, Interest defined in Arthashastra speak of morality for public servants. Also, a provision of punishment has been mentioned for those public servants who were found corrupt, slack and indulge in harassment.
    In financial administration also, various measures have been defined to inculcate morality e.g. Exact account to be kept in the form of "Ayasharira" and "Vyayasharira" so that no pilferage occurs. A fix 1/6 part of produce and not more than that to be taken from subject as Tax, can also be regarded as such a measure.
    Although, all above principles describe the essence of morality in Kautilya's administrative structure, yet he has also explicitly defined some immoral ways. The principle of maintaining the royal succession even if it comes of conspiracy against and murder of the king, is one of such distinct features. Similarly, the espionage deployed by king against his ministers and public servants points to the same. But even then the motive behind these immoral practices was to keep away the "Proverb of Fishes" i.e. anarchy and disorder.
    Hence, it can be deduced that despite explicitly stating few immoral prctises in his politico-administrative theory, Kautilyan administration was largely founded on moral and ethical values preached by both King and public servants.

    Mam plz evaluate and give ur valuable suggestions on the answer.
    thnx a lot for taking ur time out ...

  34. I am living in Mukerjee Nagar and will be taking the mains exam this year with Pub Ad as an optional...

    I failed to attend madam Shubhra's classes.....

    But I feel that having interaction with somebody who has attended her classes would be very useful for me..

    if any one could be kind enough to give me some time to discuss this thing.....may be at tea in the mukherjee nagar market


  35. Yes Jammy, indeed, a very good answer. I could tell right after reading the first paragraph that it would a good attempt. A tad long though for a 20 marker. For cutting it down, maybe you could cut some bits on financial administration and the immoral suggestions bit. I often run into a similar problem of managing within the word limit. But this is good. I myself learnt new points from your answer.

  36. Hai mam , i am happy to see this blog , itz really useful ...

    Well , anyOne can answer this Q's ...i found no content related to it...

    Herzbergs 2 factor theory is incresed or decrese extension od maslow's explain?

    Compare Moslow and herzbergs theories , U think they are Universally applied? if yes , why ? If not , why not ??

    Am looking for content to dese Q's ,....

    and i want to know the books or study materials that can covers dese sort of content completly about the topics....

    [ tel me the gud books expect prasad * prasad , Mohit , avasthi *mahesawari ]

  37. herzberg's thery is an extn of maslow's. kindly go thru stephen robbins org behaviour or any other pub ad book . they all hv these theories.

  38. @Jammy
    What i have read is that kautaliya never accorded a divine status to the king.. He only emphasised on king possessing some qualities like he sould be learned, secular etc. So if i am right, you may correct that in your answer. Pls make it sure yourself.And if i am wrong pls make sure to correct me..

  39. Dear mam,
    first i would like to say congrats to you..!!
    Hope your foundation course is going excellent. I wish you all the very success in it..!!

    mam, Can u please let me know the best coaching institute for public administration & history based on your experience?

    i resided in Mysore. presently i am doing BA, 1st year from IGNOU. my subjects are History, Economics, & next year I'll take Public admin..
    where do i get old question papers?

    can i take optional sub same in both prelm & mains? I'm having confusions regarding this issue..

    I hope you'll help me out regarding this issues.

    Thanks & Regards

  40. hello mam,

    first of all congratulation on your success in cse and also on your book being published.

    i am aiming at cse 2010 and my optionals are sociology and pub ad ..first and second respectively. it would be my first attempt.i am based in Delhi.

    i want to ask that can the subject of pub ad be handled on our own? If i put it in another words, what role do coaching institutes for pub ad play, except for guidance? as pub ad is a dynamic subject, do coaching institutes for pub ad aid in keeping us updated with current updates ?

    its like there is so much hype around me about coaching institutions that sometimes i feel i would be at a loss if i don't take coaching. and this is the month when i have to decide as new batches of coaching are going to start. i don't plan to join any coaching after prelims.

    currently i am preparing for gs and sociology. i am taking coaching for gs. and i am doing sociology on my own as i have done my graduation and post graduation in sociology itself.

    although i have not started with pub ad ,i have gone through the syllabus and few notes. it does not seem too alien to me.

    also a coaching institute is offering correspondence course for pub ad, where they will offer us doubt solving classes and also check our answers. would it be effective?

    hoping to hear from you,

    thank you so much.

    with regards,
    Garima Razdan

  41. @Garima
    I personally didn't find any good classes for pub ad and all preparation was mine. You can prep w/o coaching classes.

  42. respected mam. m not going to any institute. can i crack this exam by preparing it at my home? i have paid my fees thrice. but could not find gud teacher for pub admn. i have purchased ur book also. it is wonderful. pl mam ,as an elder sister pl pl pl pl guide me. thanks thanks thanks

  43. mam,
    i thank you for helping students like us in prep for the ias examz through this blog,especiallyuy when in our cirrties there is no guidance available on the subject
    thanx again
    veer vikrant singh

  44. hello mam,
    i would like to congratulate you on your brilliant success.mam,i am a student of law pursuing five years course and i am aspiring for the 2011 ias exams with public administration and geography as my optionals.presently i have sharma and sadana,prasad and prasad for thinkers,awasthi for indian admin and ignou notes.
    i request you mam to kindly guide me how to start systematic studies and what should be the strategy for gs.
    hope to hear from you soon
    thanking you
    with regards
    veer vikrant singh

  45. plz go thru the rest of the will get ur answers

  46. hullo mam,
    are the basic books,newspapers and iipa journals sufficient for writing answers? if not then what else do you recommend? - garima razdan

  47. yes that shud be enuf.
    also refer internet.

  48. hi
    i have been following the posts in ur blog and have found them very helpful.
    my answer writng is still new and needs a lot of improvement in terms of the focus of hte answer and would appreciate feedback on it. i am posting one on taylor. thanks.

    Q. taylor's scientific management ignored social and psychological factors.comment.
    A. taylor's sci mgmt. was a result of the changes in the climate of american businessin the late ninettenth century.

    as a result the earlier rule of thumb method in operating industries was replaced by sci mgmt's emphasis on rationality predictability specialisation and technical competence.

    however mayo's hawthorne experiments proved that the fault lies not in the worker or structural arrangements of the organisation but in the social and psychological conditions of the job.
    this was an aspect that taylor had ignored. his work had limitations concerning an adequate understanding od human psychology sociology and anatomy of work.

    taylor's emphasis on minute div of work and specialisation led to -
    a) depersonalisation of work and the workedr became a mere cog in the machine

    b)automation of workers which may have neurologicaland psychological cnsequences

    c)div ino planning and exec work made it difficlt to develop team spirit and secure worker's participation in the progress of the firm.

    despite htese limitations taylor's work remains important as a pioneer in the study of human beings at work. he was the first to initiate hte quest for better performance at work and to apply quantitative techniques to the study of industrial mgmt.

  49. your answer doesn't talk much about taylors theory and it's not structured well. first talk abt the major tenets of his theory and then explain how it ignored socio psych factors keeping in view mayo's and later findings.

  50. hello mam,i m amit,i have pubad and geography and i completed all reading books from basics to required level this january except current and compulsory paper(like language papers and essay).so mam i will be glad to know from u that what will be strategy(from jan to oct2010) to get topmost rank.plz mam answer this que.and plz dont delete it if it got wrong place.

  51. hi mam. m preparing at home. now a days i am feeling that i should select hindi medium. but till now i studied in english medium. from where i shoud get feedback if i prepare for exam by answer writing. pl didi pl tell me. i have pub ad as optional.

  52. hello mam
    tell me the name of ur book....
    ur book is going 2 b really helpful for all the ias aspirant....

  53. Hi Mam,
    Hope you are fine.This is Arvind (B.Tech.-Civil Engg.)from Lucknow.
    I want to take Civil engg. and. Geography for CSE-2011 with Hindi Medium. I have some doubts about the medium?
    Mam, As we know, civil engg. can not be attempted in Hindi medium, so is there any provision in UPSC that the engg. papers/or any professional papers can be attempted in english medium? (as because professional papers are always taught in english medium).
    In short, I wanted to ask that, is it possible for me to attempt Geogarphy,GS and Essay papers in Hindi medium and civil engg. paper in english medium?
    I would highly be grateful, if u could be help me in this regard.

  54. Hi shubhra madam,I am from ghaziabad and at present studying in 3rd of my four years hotel management course. So i would be able to appear in civil services examination in 2012. So kindly suggest me what strategy should i adopt for cracking CSE in first attempt as my 1st and second opptional subjects are- psychology and public administration.

  55. Helooo!!!!!
    ................SHUBHRA Ma"am g!!!!!
    Howz u!Congrates for Success!!!!!!!!
    Im AMIR frm F/o Law,AMU-Aligarh!!!!!
    Ma"am Im doing LAW 2nd yr.(5yrs),n im an aspirant of CIVIL SERVICE for d yr. 2014 or 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ma Questions!!!!!
    1:-vich1 z more better as optionals LAW Or Odr Subs(Pub. Admn/Sociology/Psychology)
    2:-As Im in 2nd yr....I have to strt ma prep,today onwards or i have to wait till last yr. of ma law course!
    3:-Rep 10 Specific "TIPS" for cracking IAS!!!!!!
    Ma"am,I wud like to inform u dat,I belongs to BADAUN near at ur HOMETOWN-Bariely!!!!!!!!
    Wid Regards!
    Ur Follower!

  56. Hi Madm,

    I am looking for gud materials for PUB AD and prepare on my own ..but I woory if I can get my conecpts right without any coachng. Kindly tell wher I shuld search...Thnks

  57. Hi....can u tell how to start with Pub Ad. as I am of Science background...what to do n wat not.

  58. i did psychology with Mukul Pathak. i have revised it twice.but how can i better it to score over 350 marks? the other thing is that mukul sir provides printed notes along with class notes. how can i use printed notes to get better understanding of the subject.

  59. hi civil aspirants,

    good news,those who want to prepare ias from home itself for those complete online coaching i there.please visit ******

  60. mam
    Good evening I am serving in indian army and now i wish to know that am an army officer and have completed of age 36 yrs. if i discharge from my service after 15 year earned pension or keep continue in service i can applied for IAS exam and govt will provide me relaxation in age or not and same can be verified from where. pl ans mohanlal my email

  61. Mam where can I get your book on public administration.

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  63. ma'am I have i kind of pasiion for a subject like civica tought in primary school. Does that mean I should take Public Administration as a subject. (I am a Civil Services aspirant).

  64. ma'am i have a kind of passion for asubject like civics taught in primary school. shoukd i take public administration for mains??????

  65. hi mam
    will u plz suggest me what should be the strategy to prepare for sociology and pubad ??

  66. mam suggest me how to prepare pub ad for hindi medium.