Thursday, August 13, 2009

Political Science

On my request, Ms. Aditi Singh(AIR 12) has provided some pointers on Pol Science. I thank her for her contribution to the blog.
Beyond this I won't be able to answer any question on Pol Sc.

Reading List for Political Science (Prelims and Main)
The Constitution of India-D.D. BasuAn Introduction to Political Theory-O.P. GaubaSpectrum's Political Science for PrelimsThe Constitution of India-P.M.Bakshi
Political Theory-Amal Ray, Mohit Bhattacharya
Comparative Politics-Ronald Chilcote
Our Parliament-S.C. Kashyap
History of Political Thought-Subrata Mukherjee, Susheela Ramaswamy
A History of Political Thought-J.P. SudaFoundations of Indian Political Thought-V.R. MehtaModern Political Theory-S.P. Verma
Western Political Thought-R.M. Bhagat
Andrew Heywood-Politics
Andrew Heywood-Political Theory: An IntroductionComparative Politics-J.C. Johari
History of Political Thought- George Sabine
Politics among Nations-Hans Morgenthau

A few tips:
1. Look up Wikipedia for the latest on world constitutions
2. Combine preparation of Section B of Paper 1 with Indian Polity and History in GS
3. Update your Paper II Section B answers with GS Paper II notes on India and the World and International Organizations
4. Take a look at the Delhi University B.A./M.A. Political Science syllabus/reading lists for references on International Relations


  1. I visit the blog almost as often as Wikipedia. With other toppers being roped in(Aditi Singh), i hope to benefit more. Being in undergraduation, i hope the blog runs even after Maam's training starts and in fact, forever.



  2. Thanks a lot..That really helps!! ..Can we request a more detailed version on how to prepare for Pol Sc from Aditi, if possible.

  3. Thanx mam..ur guidance matters a lot for aspirants like me......plz try to cont. dis blog.

  4. This is all I can provide on Pol sc. Please do not post your queries and doubts to Ms. Aditi as they won't be entertained.

  5. thnxzz ma'am....thts a gr8 effort frm ur side.

  6. madam, i have posted a query regarding sociology and pol science under relevant posts to miss hope that she may come across this blog and may answer the queries...but it seems u have disapproved the posts message came it would be posted after aprroval.i think that can be a possiblity if by chance she read blog and feel like is your wish ..

  7. She is not a regular visitor to this blog. Only on my request she has provided these articles. Beyond this, she won't be able to help.

    Further, people like you discourage me to get in touch with others for articles on other subjects.

  8. I apologise, my intention was never to dicourage any of your was just a piece of advice-cum-request.

    As we are on other side of line (un- sucessful candidates),some times there is high level of anxity and helplessness..and these fears raise such questions .

    on personal note i want to say , future in your life u would be on many responisble chairs ,and there are chances many people with same level of anxiety would come to u for redrssing their grevivances ..unlike typical behaviour of indian burecracy-at least u can give passionate hearing with polite no.rather getting offended..

  9. Apology not required.

    I just want you to first put yourselves in my shoes as well. I am doing a lot of work at the same time. This blog takes a lot of effort, plus I am requesting others for the benefit of aspirants. But instead of appreciating that, if you keep complaining that it's not enough, it reduces my motivation as well. I never took any offence, I a here to help you people out and I will keep doing just that.

    But to keep doing that I need your cooperation and patience as well.

    God bless you.

  10. madam,
    First of all, congratulation for your success (better late than never). I'm one of the IAS aspirant.I finish my BTech and now m pursuing my 2nd year MTech (civil) her in your old college ie. IIT-Roorkee (thanks for being the Alumni). Do you have any comment about selecting Engg subject as an optional??

    I have seen that almost all the aspirants having engg background dropped their core subject and carry on with arts subjects. On the other hand I suggest myself of the optionals that you took ie Pub Adm and Psychology. You may kindly suggest about this cofusion of mine. Thanking you.

    With Best Wishes,
    SL Baite

  11. Plz post ur ques under relevant post

  12. Maam, after reading ur comments on the Pub Admn coaching, i went and sat in each teacher's class. They were pathetic. What is even more pathetic is the herd instinct among the candidates.

    The rot set in with Vajiram GS getting exposed. The Hyderabad woman who handles social areas and current events , has to be heard to be believed. She has a third rate institute in HYderabad .

    Tragic .

  13. Well done! You've done a great job.

  14. I am Tapas. orissa. age 24
    mam, plz tell me whether public administration and phylosophy are good combinations for main exam. whether these two subjects are scoring well in main ?

  15. Hi Shubhra Di,

    First of all, congrats to you on your success..then, i wud like to thank u a lot for ur kind support to CSE aspirants like us..

    Di, i want to know whether there is any gud coaching available for though you already posted that queries for Pol. Sc. won't be entertained either by you or Ms Aditi Singh.
    Di, please help me out if you can or tell me the way to get thru this..I'll be really grateful to you..

  16. are the above mentioned books sufficient for mains preparation(along with updating the current issues)?

  17. respected madam
    my teacher adviced me to read the book ie.
    politics by andrew heywood and the constitution by dd basu for the prelims
    should i give focus on this for the prelims
    can i depend on the arihant book for gs and the political science for the prelims which is published ie. solved one word questions are in it
    wtg for the reply my other id is
    with regards
    ashish satsangi


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