Thursday, June 11, 2009

Regarding magazines


My interview has been published in many magazines by now. Even though I have been interviewed by only 2 magazines- Chronicle and Competition Wizard.

I just want to clarify that I read the following magazines only:

Competition Wizard for Current Affairs
Pratiyogita Darpan- economics spl.
Yojana, Kurukshetra and Frontline.

I did not consult any other magazines.
But please make your own decision to choose the magazine you like. Do not go by my statement.



  1. Thanks Shubhra for writing. To tell you frankly, it is not just magazines but a whole set of people associated with IAS preparation are there to loot students (there are of course exceptions). You must be aware of the property dealers, shopkeepers and many other people including the coaching institutes who are there to extract the maximum out of the innocent students especially the ones who come from far off areas. The situation is not good. I don't know about much about mukherjee nagar but rajender nagar has taken an altogether different shape.

    Lets hope that the situation gets better and something good happens.

  2. Thanks Shubhra ma'am,
    its an excellent effort that you are making, kudos.....
    please keep this going....
    and yes many of these magazine and coaching wallahs are really out there to dupe the poor students, cashing in on their aspirations....well its a full-fledged business, just like the ever mushrooming schools which have made the imparting of education a business, a money minting system....
    really appalling.....
    hope things improve in times to come.......
    anyway thanks again....
    and thank you abhi...

  3. Hi Shubhra,

    Please guide us on the tips for interview preparation, what to say and what not to say during the interview, the key points that should be kept in mind at the time of interview.

    Also please upload or post a few sample answers that will help us all to understand that how should we write the answers in order to get the maximum marks out of it, just few answers will suffice. It will be a great help to all of us.

    And finally, your interview questions . .

    Thanks for this wonderful blogspot. This blog has helped in clearing almost all the queries regarding examination. .

  4. 'civil services industry' in brief for all of us naives . Shubhra is doing a service by listing out all the black sheeps . firstly , it was the coaching now the magazines . just one word for mr Bright ;Pathetic . is there a way he can be sued ? i believe Shubhra can puruse from the position she is in . i started reading CR books in my school days and since so many years i have left reading that magazine as its content started bordering at the edge of being called a gossip magazine .is there any watchdog taking care of such exploitation . must be a very bitter feeling for all those who go through these harrowing experience . thanks so much shubhra for bringing up all this through your blog.

  5. EXCELLENT MA'AM!!! you have initiated a change :-)!
    My Best Wishes To You!

  6. This posts a serious question mark on the credibility of the articles & interviews on the toppers as mentioned in the magazines.

  7. Thanks did not read Chronicle, Pratiyogita Darpan, Competetion Refresher, Competetion Success Review......Is it WIZARD published by ALS that you read?????........Hope u answer?...

  8. I am expecting WIZARD because that is where (ALS) u have aggreed to give guidance to students in i right?

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  10. Respected ma'am,
    First of all let me congratulate you on your grand success.And more importantly HATS OFF TO YOU.Your efforts in exposing the reality behind the lofty claims of those magazines and coaching centers deserve much accolades.Thanks ma'am for showing us the way and calling a spade a spade.
    By the way, I am myself an aspirant and presently I am working as Dy Magistrate after clearing West Bengal Civil Services.In 2007 I could make it to the Interview but could not go further.The ongoing one is my ultimate attempt for CSE.Your guidance can help me a lot in achieving my dream.As i don't know how to reach you, i am giving my email id here.A reply from your end can do a lot for me.
    Thanks once again

    Saptarsi Nag

  11. Hi Saptarsi,

    I can't guide you personally. All I can do is guide you over here. please post your queries here.


  12. Err. the Supreet blog is

  13. The comments are enabled now. So u wont have any problem interacting.

  14. They deserve to be behind the bars but are roaming free! Coachings and magazines badly need regulation/legislation.

    Please meet me when you are back from the US or just take an email questionnaire from me later (not now). No hard feelings if don't have time. Even your blog is a lot of info for my CSE critique. Thanks.

  15. Hi shubra mam,

    Congratulations on this grand success.I am doin my b.e in computers and am quite weak in numericals,my only aim is to get selected in the IPS at any cost.I have decided to take socialogy for the prelims,currently i am in third year of engg. . Please guide me about my options.Also if you could let me know how to prepare for GS that would be a great.I am feeling quite finiqui while posting this comment as i am a beginner for the upsc preparation and have no idea weather my question makes sense to you or not,But please tell me about the books to be reffered and the way i should start preparing so that it is not hampering my b.e as well.Also let me tell you unfortunatly i have got 2 year backs,n i admit the reason for that also is me because i was not that matured then and was not concerned about my future,but going futher your suggestions would make a big difference.

    Thanks and Regards
    Himanshu pandey

  16. @himanshu

    please go thru the other posts. you will find ur answers

  17. Shubra ma'am, please do not associate urself with the ALS people as they will abuse ur name and cheat students. They are cheating already in GS. They will do so from now on in Pub Admn too. You can create ur own forum. If ur ethical strugggle has to last, please avoid ALS. Dont create more cheats.

  18. Hello WWW,

    You can give me the details on how the said institute is behaving unethically. It will be of great help. You can email me at


  19. Hi,
    Shubhra mam.iam ur biggest fan since from my school days as you are my school senior. I must congratulate you for adding golden stars to DAV Dhori.And Thanks a lot for guiding us for IAS Preparations.
    Archana, Patna

  20. Hi

    This issue shld be raised at a broader level and atleast an effort needs to be directed to bring the miscreants to book.I request u to take legal action as applicable.


  21. Hi Archana,


    Let me discover that for myself. I don't go by hearsay. As it is my venture, I will personally make sure that it is useful for students.

  22. Hey Shubra!!

    I think if you are pretty sure, you can file a defamation case against what they are doing... It will be a good lesson to them.
    Dont worry who am I, I will be your colleague :)

  23. Thanks for the suggestion Prasanth.

  24. Hi Shubhra Ma'am,

    Many thanks for your precious time and this great initiative.

    Definitely it would help CS aspirants.

    I searched the whole blog and comments but couldn't find out the current affairs magazine followed by you. Although there were some guesses but nothing confirmed by you..

    Could you pls name the magazine you followed for current affairs?


  25. Please decide a magazine for yourself. What I followed might not work for you.

  26. Hi Shubhra Saxena madam,

    Which is better way to keep on track of current affairs ?? (News paper or monthly magazines like chronicle, prathiyogith dharpan)..


  27. Which is better way to keep on track of current affairs ?? (News paper or monthly magazines like chronicle, prathiyogith dharpan)..

    Newspaper any day.

  28. Excellent ma'm but please clarify my doubt about Civil Service Times Magazine

  29. what's your doubt?
    I didn't read Civil Service Times. I am not aware how the magazine is.

  30. dear ma'm.
    accept my heartiest congrats for your brilliant success.
    i have a confusion that in the syllabus there is an option of taking litrature of some language, is there a seperate paper for this or it is to be taken as an optional who ever wishes to take it.
    is this right that you are coming to teach at ALS.

  31. It can be taken as a separate optional. yes, I am going to teach at ALS.

  32. Hi Shubra,

    In reading the maxines like yojana.... do i need to read the entire book or only the selective study... if it is selective what are topics that i need to cncentrate?

    for current affairs part in GS if i go through the yojana and hindu news paper is that enough??


  33. for current affairs, newpaper is usually enough if you do it with diligence. I consulted a current affairs magazine too to stay up to date.

    When you read Yojana, look at the topics of current social and national imporatnce. That should do.

  34. hi

    let me know these thing. once again i appreciate ur helpfulness.

    1) when we go for civil service oriented magazines like civil service chronicle , or competition wizard ...( i believe these are some good magazines) they usually all informative articles related to civils. if i follow one of these magazine commitedly , do i still need to
    keep a tab on different magazines like kurukshetra, yojana etc

    2) Also when can i get pratyogita darpan
    economics special edition ( which month it is released) if i appearing for 2010 exam.

    thank u

  35. 1.Yes, Yojana and Kurukshetra are entirely diff kind of magazines. Buy one to get an idea.
    2.It's always available. It's like a textbook rather a magazine.

  36. hello madam
    for last 7 months i have been reading Pratiyogita Darpan monthly issue.
    I find it pretty good.
    so will u recommend to leave this and go for competition wizard.(i mean if there is not major difference then i would like to stick to PD only).

    Gaurav Shrivastava

  37. @Gaurav
    I do not recommend one magazine over another. It's a personal decision you will have to take yourself.

  38. Thankyou
    I will buy competition wizard and have a look at it.
    meanwhile if you can tell me some salient features of this magazine will also help.

    Gaurav Shrivastava

  39. hi ,mam, kindly suggest me a good coaching institute for history optional?

  40. hello mam.. cngrts
    I'm goin 2 join als in august..Is it ryt decision for chosing ias institute?

  41. hello mam,
    Cngrts 2 u frst f ol
    I'm gonna join als in august for ias it ryt choice in selecting institute.

  42. Hello madam,
    My dream is to become a civil servant. Currently working in govt sector(knowledge is minimal), what i have to do for my dream???

  43. July will be started in some days. when will the Pratiyogita Darpan July published on your website. inform me plz

  44. where are you posting curently, mam ! pls share your experience relating to political interference in the present govt!!!!

  45. hello Madam

    How to prepare for English comprehension?