Friday, June 12, 2009

Pub Ad Prelims

Take a basic book for paper 1 and 2 like: mohit bhattachaya/sharma sadana and arora goel and d d basu for polity. Keep syllabus in your right hand.

then start with laxmikanth after finishing studying basic books.

supplement this with nicholas henry, stephen robbins( org behaviour) and arora goel(indian administration)

do current part like recomm of committees and any commissions that have been constituted.

meanwhile, buy a good test series or question paper set and solve unitwise questions and then full syllabus papers later on.

You are all set to get abt 85-90 in pub ad after negative marking.


  1. somebody please tell what is the title of book by Laxmikant ?

  2. Public Administration
    for the UPSC prelims exam -By Laxmikanth

  3. shubra ma'am,

    plz tell us whts the cut off in pre for general category.

  4. hello,

    thanks for your suggestion,

    my question is, after readin all these materials, do we require additional coachings for pub ad....(@ delhi) (if so, which one is better..)

    do we need study materials from coaching class...(if so, which one...)

    please reply...

  5. Hello Subhra,

    There are different views about cutt off marks.
    Please tell us the marks we have to get targeted in pub ad(minimum) . this really helps all.

  6. @chandra - the purpose of the blog is to guide folks without any coaching . Please read all the posts of shubhra

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  8. Hello Ma'am, such an organised and systematic preparation chart would certainly help the aspirants with Public Administration...... could you please take out sometime to post a similar prep chart for psychology too.....
    Just getting to interact with you means a lot...
    many many thanks to you....

  9. @vishwa...
    thnx ....
    and what about GS...??
    self study is syfficent or any coachings..??
    pls reply .

  10. No one knows about the cut offs as UPSC doesn't divulge these details.

    I can't guide abt psychology prelims.

  11. Hello Shubhra,

    please can u guide us in preparation related to GS Prelims. How did u prepare for it???how to go about it?

  12. what books to read which order to start??

    Thanks in advance

  13. hi mam....
    plz give us an idea about GS preperation.....

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  15. Hi Shubhra Ma'm,

    I would request you to write one post on the 'Dynamicity' in the PubAd. I mean how to go about IJPA, Newspapers, and magazines and more importantly what to look for in them. Since you prepared PubAd on your own, no one can tell better than you.

    Secondly, if you could upload one or two of your sample answers for the questions explaining how to target the mind of the examiner (like you did in Shubham Palace), then it would be quite beneficial. One or two questions would suffice and that too when your time permits you.


  16. Ma'am
    You had taken Psychology as your first optional & Public Administration as your second optional. Would it had made a difference if it was the other way i.e. PA as first optional & Psychology as second? Or the order doesn't matter?
    Thanking You in Advance

  17. Shubhra,

    Thanks for your initiative.

    If you could post some guidelines for the preparation of psychology (Pre and Mains)as well, it would be great.

    For Mains, apart from our knowledge in the subject, its very important that how we present our knowledge/views on the answer sheet. Its the answer writing techniques that gets maximum marks. So, I request your opinion on that part also.


  18. hi shubhra,

    pls can u tell us about your prelims experience


  19. Correction: My 1st optional was pub ad.

    I don't have any answers with me to upload.

  20. Hi Shubhra

    I appreciate if you can mention names of all books [Psychology] which you referred during preparation of mains exams.

    Vikas Dhankhar

  21. Vikas,

    Can you please go through the psychology post .


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  23. Hi Shubhra,

    Tons of Wishes for your Success!

    I have two simple query; kindly reply on the same;

    1) You have suggessted to take unitwise test through, some good test book series or question paper set.

    Can you suggest some standard ones?

    2) For Pub Ad, is it wise to prepare for prelims first and then for mains or Vise Versa?


  24. 1) You have suggessted to take unitwise test through, some good test book series or question paper set.

    Can you suggest some standard ones?

    laxmikanth has some flts at end..and questions after every chapter. They will help. I am not aware which are good ones. All I tried were horrible.

    2) For Pub Ad, is it wise to prepare for prelims first and then for mains or Vise Versa?

    No, plz prepare together.

  25. Thank you so much for your initiative. You are second to none to guide others for this examination.

    As you said, we need to practise answering questions after every Pub Ad chapter. But could you please suggest us a particular question bank for Pub Adm? I understand that all those you have tried were not that great but which one was the best among all?

    Thanks a lot for your kind help.


  26. Sorry, I tried a couple. They were VERY BAD.

  27. Mam,
    Regarding that stephen robbin book.What is the exact name whether
    Organisational behaviour
    Essentials of organisational behaviour .
    Can u please tell me what will be its cost and its publishers mam.Because two books are available in the market.


    In this link the book image of (stephen robbins -organisational behaviour) is available
    Is this the book,which we have to use mam.pls check and tel me mam.

  29. Mam,

    From your blog and various other sources I have compiled a list of books to be referred for Pub Ad.

    I would like the preparation to be helpful for mains also, but considering the less amount of time left for the exam (I have to study GS and I am working also), I would like to know which book in this list should be given more importance and which can be ignored giving a bit more weightage for prelims (I am sure only about the Laxmikanth's one).

    a piece of note:- I don't have any background in Pub Adm subject.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help, Mam.

    Public Administration: Books for Prelims
    First of all study ignou notes ( Administrative theory , development administration & Indian Administration )
    Public Administration in Theory and Practice - M.P. Sharma & B.L. Sadana
    Then read Laxmikanth referring "Public Administration — Avasthi & Maheshwari"
    New Horizon of Public Administration — Mohit Bhattacharya
    Public Administration & Public Affair by Nicholas Henry
    Organisation Behavior by Stephen P Robbins
    Indian Administration ( Ramesh Arora and Rajni Goyal)
    Indian Administration by S. R. Maheshwari
    Administrative Thinkers — Prasad & Prasad
    Public Administration Question banks with answers (eg..braintree)

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

  30. Select one basic book for both paper 1 and paper 2 portion in prelims. Once you are done with that, go for laxmikanth. Then supplement this with Nicholas Henry and Stephen Robbins- theory chapters.

  31. Thank you so much for your kind reply, mam.

    But may I ask you one more query coz still I am a bit puzzled. As I am preparing from outside India (working in Taiwan), it would cost me a couple of weeks to get the resource in hand and hence a wrong choice would be disastrous.

    So may I confirm with you more about the basic books for Paper-I/II that you have mentioned.

    Pub Ad Prelims: Selected Books
    1) IGNOU books for Administrative theory (Paper I) & Indian Administration (Paper II)

    2) Public Administration - by Laxmikanth

    3) Supplement this with Nicholas Henry (not sure about the content of this book?) and Stephen Robbins (for organization behaviour?)

    Please let me know whether this is enough to clear prelims and would give a good base for mains also (if not, please help to add).

    Actually I thought Mohit Bhattacharya and Sharma/Sadhana are must read books. Thank a million for helping me to select the most important books.

    Warm Regards

  32. Kindly go through other posts first.

  33. thankyou so much.
    sorry in some other thread i have asked about the same list without even looking this thread
    sorry. i got my answer

    Gaurav Shrivastava

  34. madam,
    this is a really useful post.

    If possible please create one post for GS prelims preparation also.
    Also i want to know what is the complete name of nicolas henry book. and do we have to read nicolas henry completely? Also what you mean by theory chapters of stephen robbins?

    Gaurav Shrivastava.

  35. Public administration and public affairs.

    adm theory chapters like motivation, leadership, communication etc.

  36. hello maam,as uve suggested 2 buy a good test series or question paper set,can u pls suggest which test series to purchase?n is it advisable 2 join sum coachin test series?if yes which one?

  37. no idea. plz find that out yourself

  38. for what is d d basu ............pol science or pub admin.......confused of two??????????help


  39. respected madam pls tell the book for the prelims and mains of pub add my paper is in the nov of the pcs punjab. pls guide me for this
    with regards

  40. Ma'am can u guide me for Haryana civil services

  41. Ma'm can u guide me for Haryana civil services

  42. mam can tell what books i need to read for the basement of preliminary exam then what books for regular preparation.

  43. man can u tell what are the books for basics of general studies and them what books could be better for regular preparation for preliminary exam

  44. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

  45. prepare for ias

  46. hello Mam,
    I m preparing for IAs@2017 with optional Pub-Adm(as per New Patter of UPSC for 1 Optional).
    Could u please guide how to study for this Optional Papaer.
    Actually i m working with little bit responsibility.
    hope u will guide me clear perspective for Pub-Adm.

    Your answer will be highly appreciable.