Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Next Post heads-up

My next write-up will be on Elections.... of all kinds...

If you want me to write on any specific issue, Please give suggestions on this post.


  1. hello maam, how different is the profile of IAS (as imagined by aspirants) and reality ? I know a lot of good stuff can be done, but some times it may not be the case ? please throw some light on such experiences.

  2. Dear Ma'am,
    I would second Kalyan's request. Very less information is available in public space about the actual reality of an IAS role. In particular, if you could comment on -
    1) What percentage of an IAS officer's career is spent in dealing with public directly (such as a DM's role)? I've heard that once an IAS officer gets promoted beyond DM, there is little scope for direct public interaction as secretarial work takes precedence.
    2) If objective of a person is to get engaged in public welfare, is IAS an ideal career option or should one explore other options?
    3) Do the frequent transfers affect the morale of an IAS officer?
    4) Is life of an honest IAS office difficult plagued by frequent transfers and posting to rather clerical positions?