Friday, August 6, 2010

Message for blog visitors

Dear Blog Visitors,

It has been more than a year since I cleared the exams. And now I have finished the Phase I of IAS Training at LBSNAA Mussoorie and joined district Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh as Assistant Collector and Magistrate. As I have been out of touch with the examination and the recent changes in it, I do not find myself in a comfortable position to guide you people in your pursuit of this examination.

From now on, I would be sharing my experiences in the field on this blog. If people are interested in communicating with me on that front, they can post their messages and comments. But as far as the Civil Service Examination is concerned, I would not be in a position to help you other than the articles and questions posted earlier.

Thank you all for visiting this blog and helping me help you.



  1. aii thinga are necessary,so pls write.

  2. hey subhra !!
    congratulations...well your definately an inspiration for many ...!!
    ok lets to chase three very basic questions ...its just i want ur opinon on the same
    1) how difficult is it to cut through indian foreign services ?
    2) how was ur experience at Lbssna?
    and thirdly wat ur take on vaji ram ...seems dey are advertising a lot on u ?
    neways looking fwd to ur feedback
    all the very best ...!!!

  3. Mam
    Myself Babli, 2nd yr PhD (Agriculture)want to prepare 4 civils from December onwards, Mam i want to take pub.admin n Sociology as my subjects. pls mam help me by suggesting coaching institute , how to prepare 4 GS also, mam help me pls as am fresher. thank u.

  4. Hi, it would be great if you can share your exp. during this one year of training..

  5. Dear Ms. Saxena,
    Congratulations on becoming the Assistant Collector and Magistrate of Faizabad. I'm an aspirant and I found your blog very useful, especially the account of your interview proceedings were nice to read. Thanks for sharing all of this information with us despite busy schedules and deadlines. I'd be looking forward to reading your experiences in the field. My hearty wishes for a fantastic career.

  6. Mam Cogratulations on completing your phase-1 training and for getting posted in faizabad. I read last time your interview that you will not change after becoming IAS Officer and mam your active involvement, wishes n guidance through your blog for us really proved it. Thanx Mam n wish u all d very best.
    BEST Regards
    Ms. Sonu Punia MCA
    IAS Aspirant (Haryana)

  7. thanx for coming back to this blog. we are waiting u for a long time.You r constant source of inspiration for all civil service aspirant whether u post abt cse or not.We request u plz plz continue posting abt training at LBSNAA & working experience as a Administrative officer that will be a inspiration for us & motivate us to be a good civil servant.hope u will care our request...........

  8. Hello madam,
    First of all my hearty congratulations to you on your achievement.I will be appearing for CSAT 2011.From the banners and posters in Delhi, it is conveyed that you have attended INSPIRATION academy for public administration.please be kind enough to give me a feedback on this institute regarding public administration.Also i have heard people commenting on NOTES of CRACK IAS INSTITUTE and IGNOU as well.Hence please guide me on this matter.

  9. Thanks a lot for whatever u have published earlier. It is really helpful for me. I will appear in CS 2011... Best wishes for Serving Nation.........

  10. Congratulation !!!
    Wish You a bright future.

  11. hii..mam please share any of experience as adc

  12. Hi Mam,

    It's nice to have you back on this blog. .
    All the very best for the new and realtime challenging phase of your life. .

  13. Hi Shubhra,
    Tejal here. Please suggest me the optional subjects, m bit confused. I'm a commerce plus MBA Finance graduate. Kindly do the needful.

  14. Maam can you help us regarding the news of pattern change of PT examination from CSE'2011.

  15. Hello mam,

    Hope your journey As an Administrator be great and rewarding!!

    Mam, what is the normal duration of one posting and are there are frequent transfers?

  16. Hi, Shubhra Mam.
    I will be very interested to know your field experience. Your guidance through this blog is very much relevant this year also as there is no change in pattern for Main.
    I benefited immensely from this blog for my preparation. I had also attended your classes at ALS.I actually started my preparation after seeing your blog.

    I want to know what is duration of primary training at LBSNAA for IAS and when you officially know about your cadre(you being topper already knew of your cadre of first choice).

    And what is duration of this field training as ASST. magistrate. What is your area of functioning ( what is your work)?
    A very best wishes for your career.

  17. Congratulation didi!!!

    Best of luck for your new assignment and sure you will inspire us with your good work.

    Please keep bloging as every morning i open your blogpost and find nothing :(

  18. Congratulations madam on your posting.
    I am a regular visitor to your blog. I'l be looking forward to the field related posts you make.

    Anjushi Joshi

  19. hello mam
    Thats really nice of you to share with us the actual ground reality with which most of us are unaware.
    Awaiting your posts !

  20. Hi Mam,
    Congrats for your posting.
    I have started my preparation from now, for CSAT 2010, i just want to ask from which basic book(Pub Ad)shall i start to get beneffitted most.
    Also please guide me for GS part also from where i shud start, as i am new to prepartion and also from Engg background so want to start from basics.
    please help thanks in advance..

  21. all the best for the most demanding job in India. I hope to crack the exam soon and work under you

  22. hi shubra ma'm....
    m sorry ,but inspite of ur reccent blog i just wanna hav ur help.. m sushil doctor by proffession. i hav choose my 1st optional as MEDICAL SCIENCE..but m confused between psycology and pub add..
    u r the only right person to suggest me about these two subjects..
    plz tell me ,being a medico ,will it b helpfull to me to choose PSYCO...or should i go with pub add...

  23. congtatulations.......
    im deepika aiming 2 b ias..hapy 2 meet u

  24. Now's the big challenge! Reading is quite different from practicing ! Did they teach CrPc in LSBNAA? All the best Magistrate !!

  25. Sure subhra.
    I guess that'll be a wonderful new beginning for your blog. I feel u have done a great favour for all aspirants like me, over the last year. Cant thank you enough for this. Would love to hear ur 'field insights;

    I have a query. Could you please tell me when was the cadre allocation done for ur batch

    Thanks in advance

  26. Hello - your experiences will make a very interesting read... I am a CA, CPA working in the US. I gave a shot at prelims this May and waiting for the results. Congrats and hope you do all us aspirants proud!! God Bless!!


  27. Hello,
    My name is Ashish Kashyap. I am currently studying in IIT Chennai and intend to appear for UPSC 2012 .( I am in the 4th year of a 5 year course ending in 2012) I plan on taking Physics and Psychology as my optionals.

    I was curious about the experiences you have had in working as an IAS officer . I am really interested in how the rural education schemes like SSA ( Right to education ) will be implemented . What are the challenges that are being faced ? Is Education for all a feasible project and how can we make it so ?

    I think you are in the best position to answer some of my queries in this regard as you are in the field . Also how does it feel to work as an IAS officer ? (satisfaction , work-schedules , accountability ) Some of my relatives want to dissuade me from taking up this exam , but i really feel that this work is much more satisfying than a typical corporate job.

    Sorry for asking so many questions in 1 post , but i can't help myself . I will be very grateful for any answers which you can provide .

    I hail from Dhanbad, Jharkhand , currently studing Computer Science in IIT Madras.

    Thank you .

  28. ma'am i have a query plz reply ....
    actually m looking for Mr. Mukul Pathak's psychology notes and Upendera Gaur's class notes of sociology ...if u cud plz tell me the places in delhi frm where i can get those notes m frm J&K so i dunno much abt delhi .....if u cud tell then i'll directly go to those places n will buy 'em ... i've already asked lotz of people but didn't get any answer .....but i hope i can get an answer frm u ..........
    n congrats for completing the first phase ...:)

  29. Thx
    Thx for giving me such a kind attitude
    thx for this blog..
    Best of luck for ur service as an asstt.coll. and best of luck for ur future
    u r source of inspiration

  30. Hello Mam!!
    its been quite sumtime tht we listened a word of wisdom from u on the blog...nyways gud to know tht u have got ur posting nw and even more exciting is that in the distt. which turned around the face of indian politics for ever....though i can't feel it but just imagining it tht i will be a quite exciting and as well as challenging wish u all the luck in ur future endeavors...and kindly do post ur experiences in the field so that they can act as "LightHouse" for us as well when we join the services(praying tht the day will come soon)....

  31. Hi,
    It is my ardent request that you also post your tips on essay writing, so that we can benefit from your experiences. Even short and simple guidance on the overall approach would be really helpful.

  32. Dear MAM,
    You had shown a way for preparation from this blog and after reading your whole blog, we can get a good understanding about the aspects of CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION and can decide our way to success in this prestigious examination.
    We wish you for your great future and Thank you very much for this Path lightening blog. It is going to show path to many upcoming civil servants of India.

    Thank you
    Kamlesh Gupta
    One of The IAS Aspirant

  33. Congrats !! Really happy to see you in your blog to share your experiences on field :) Could you just throw light on the Training Experiences and also about your first day as Asst.Collector in the District Collectorate ?

  34. Thanks a lot for giving a clear idea regarding exam .. We would be happy to see you as an able administrator .. Please share your experiences ..

  35. Hi Shubhra,

    Congrats for your posting. Can you please brief me on the following queries:
    1. If one is married to a person in IT field etc (Non civil services), will that lady get posting to her spouse location ?
    2. What is the criteria for getting posting to home state? Does the rank play any role in this.
    3. Can you please mention some of the benefits we get as IAS?
    4. How long is the training. What does it constitute of.


  36. its is nice to hear that u have got your first gives me pleasure to tell you that i am an avid aspirant of civil services and am pursuing in gives me greater happiness to have you in my home state father is an IFS officer UP cadre,1984 batch.

  37. hello,
    i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your first give me pleasure to inform you that i am an avid civil service aspirant and am pursuing in electrical engg. 3rd yr.i am jubilant to learn that you have been conferred the cadre of my home state UP.Also to tell you that my father who is an IFS Officer of UP cadre has been my constant pillar of strength and motivation right from the beginning.would love to have a interaction with you sometime in the near future.all the very best.

  38. congrats for completing your 1st phase at how was the experience there in institute and what were the process of training?

  39. Hi. congrats for your posting. i just wanna know abt your experience in IAS training. what is the training method. when it started n how it goes. plz do tell abt this

  40. All the best for your career!

  41. Hi Shubhra,
    Hope you remember me...I am Anandita from Dhori.
    Wanted to reach out to you regarding so many questions I have.. How can I contact you? My mail id is:

  42. Mam, howz your experience during probation period?
    i mean the environment in which u were working with senior ias officers?

  43. Hello Mam,
    I really appreciate your integrity with studies...kindly share the extent of formalism at district level...whether theoretical aspects can be easily applied in practical arena...forget about appraisal from mass for gradual development...Are people having a bit of consensus for common problems...if yes...if system is having that flexibility to find solution.
    I regret,if you find this a wierd issues...but,this emerged only after going through your post..take care.


  44. Thanx mam!whtevr u hv contributed was really appreciable & a noble deed!we will certainly love 2 hear frm u the experiences & most importantly the negative vibes abt this job viz.political interfernce & how u r able 2 cope with it & take the challnege 2 change the lives of the weakest section of the society who need a breather from this red-tapism & vote-bank politics.
    All the best & have some bon-vibant times too!!!

  45. respected mam,
    so hws it working as an assistant collector ?? i decided to take ias as a career just to work for removing the bottlenecks and ghettos of the country.. is it really possible in ur position to tackle some of such pit-falls?? ppl say a dm or a city magistr. has to work under the ire and influence of ministers and cm's (ie they patronise and add difficulties)?? is it wat u r feeling or something new sort of experience..??

    Amit Tewari
    3rd yr
    IIT Roorkee

  46. Hi Subhra,
    I wish you all the success. And thanks for the wonderful effort you have put for helping others in this blog.
    Saprovo Goswami

  47. I have been goin thru your posts for quite some time now and have found them really helpful. So thanks a lot.

    I had one query. I am working rite nw as a software engineer and i am planning for a full time preperation from june next year. Meanwhile i think if its possible to get a sort of guidance or weekend classes for atleast one subject during this time.
    My optionals are public adm and psychology. From you i need just this much information that is there any coaching centre or some teacher for psychology(preferably) or pub ad where i can go for such a guidance. May be if you can suggest some univ professor or some good teacher.
    Let me know if you have any idea.

    N yeah we can understand your busy schedule and its really great that you are still willing to help the newcomers in whatever manner you can. Thanks a lot.

  48. Hello madam I'm pankaj rana, I've just started following ur blog as I've plans to appear in the 2011exam.ur blog is of immense help in selecting and short listing the no.of books both for gs & pub ad and also in planning to a great extent. Though u will not be in a position to help any longer from the exam point of view but whatever information and help u have extended and disseminated through this blog till now is more than enough to help someone in one's preparation for the exam for years unless upsc changes the exam pattern or the syllabus of the subjects in the coming years. I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of all the past, present or future users of this blog for all the good work u have put in through this effort of urs. And mam please keep blogging on whatever ur experiences will be in the field. I was very keen to communicate with u but since u were not active on the blog so could not do so. Today I'm feeling very happy. ALL THE BEST MAM FOR UR NEW ASSIGNMENT. Please be active on the blog. Take care bye.

  49. Respected Madam,

    I have a query. Those who are selected in UPSC are from different background and have chosen different optionals for clearing the exam.
    Madam, when you go for a training, do they teach all the subjects so that knowledge of all the students get balanced.
    I don't know how you feel about this question but it is important for me because I like all the optionals and I still not able to choose my optionals because of this.


  50. Hi Madam,

    I'm Anil, one amoung ias aspirents, Sociology is my 2nd optional. Can you suggest me strategy for Sociology prepration in Mains?

    Thank you.

  51. Finally someone is going to write about their field experiences. I've always been interested in this but I found everyone stops blogging they get through the exam. Thank you shubhra for not doing that. :)

    Also, it would be great if you could write a post on your 1 year training experience you had at LBSNAA.

  52. Dear Shubhra, congratulations for your posting! I just stumbled on your blog, its a gold mine for prospective applicants like me. Esp liked your interview narration and tips on public administration and psychology study.

    All the very best!

  53. Dear Madam,

    Like others I'm also an ias aspirants, I have a very average academic records. but still want to be an ias officer. will it create problems for me?

  54. Hi Madam,
    Can you please guide with the IAS process and Suggest some important books for prelims and mains

    Thanks & Regards

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