Saturday, September 12, 2009

Inactivity on Blog

Dear Blog Visitors,

First of all, apologies for keeping you waiting for many days for replies to your queries.
I am attending the foundation course at LBSNAA at the moment and it is so very hectic here. That's why I can not be very regular and prompt on the blog during the foundation course.

God Bless You!!
All the very Best!!!


  1. all the best in mussuire and future life.
    mam i have been waiting since long for ur tips advise on essay. plss help us and me advising on essay. pls find some to write blog on essay.
    waiting for ue essay write up

  2. Have a memorable time there at Missouri!

  3. Ma'm when will your book hit the stores??

  4. OK Maam, and plz try to share ur experiences at LBSNAA with us aslo if possible.

  5. can i get this book in Hyderabad?? I am writing mains this year and preparing from Hyderabad only....

  6. ma'm,
    Please post blogs about the activities going on at LBSNAA and also about your experience .

  7. Hi shubhra,

    Words fall short to explain the service you have done for the aspirants across the nation, the kind of advice one learns through experience at times after wasting a few attempts. The Civil Service began on pan-Indian level much earlier. :o)

    Even though the activity might be low on the blog now in comparison, but it is only because your army is marching ahead as per your advice and working in full swing, I am sure there would be many hurdles that might arise in due course, some uncharted terrain but the hope that your support would be just a blog away would be enough to get us through.

    behalf of the whole community.

  8. m lookin forward 4 d book. Just give us d privilege to know about it first.

  9. Hello Mam,
    Congratulations and All the best for your training at the Academy!


  10. Hi Shubhra,

    I have been following your blog but leaving a comment for you first time. I just wanted to suggest to you to chronicle your training high points at LBSNAA to provide motivation to aspirants and also inspire other people to take this route of Civil Services. I would personally love to see your writing about the training.

    Thanks for your guidance and effort.


  11. Hi Shubhra,

    I am chaya patil aspiring for civil services examination. right now taking coching in Delhi. i have done my engineering in E&C branch and worked in an MNC for 1.5 yrs.. i have opted Geography as my first optional.. i am yet to decide about the second optional. I am to decide between Public administration and Psychology. Could you please suggest me which would be a better optional among the two, based on the understanding and scoring chances? also suggest me a good coaching institute for the same.. you can reply to

  12. hello ma'm one other query is also hitting my mind b'coz i have no guideline other than yours blogs so please help me in starting my studies from which subject and in what manner should i prepare first and the regular things to do which helps me in cracking the exam.

  13. On DIwali and the coming Year...
    May U n ur Family be Blessed with
    Success, Prosperity and Happiness!
    Shubh Dipawali!!!

  14. plz post ur ques under relevant post

  15. dear madam
    i belongs to middle class family .and my dream is civil services .i think with job prepare by upsc exam is it possible or not.plz help me your helpfull guiding . i will try and believe i will won. plz mam.,

  16. Mam,

    Is it neceesary to join the coaching classes, for the students like me who are from engineering background but opt for arts stream subjects.

  17. @rohit
    not really ...but if there are some good classes, they can certainly reduce the time reqd for syllabus completion

    I think it is possible as long as you devote adequate time everyday and take some leave before exams.

  18. hiii......... subra love too see you have a happy time and enjoy your sucess i m doing 12th. i m intrected to do UPSC and have to sucessed in it like you apke chote se bhai ki taraf se apko der sara pyar

  19. I can understand about the hectic schedule but if you find time then please post about "making notes" first before you post other topics.
    It will be kind of you.
    I have been waiting impatiently for this post.

  20. Thanks mam to provide us this valuable information.I am sure this will definitely help us to improve our studies thank a lot....

  21. Namaste respected shubhra mam,,
    I am Ashutosh Mishra from Faizabad (Lalbagh) and really very surprised and pleased that UPSC 2009 topper is posted in our city.
    I am presently selected in a psu bank and want to prepare for UPSC, but having no guidence, although i Know that i am asking a big thing from an IAS officer but yet i am requsting please devote some time to your younger brother for guidence.

  22. hello mam...i came to know about you by your friend mayank gupat..i am glad to know that u become an IAS after and engineer


  23. visiting your blog for the first time !

    Regards to you ma'am .

  24. hello ma'am, love your blog. though i stumbled upon it while searching for "An IES Officers Blog". i would really appreciate if you could direct me towards a resource for IES (Indian Engineering Services), if you know about any. i dig into whatever i find interesting. though being an IAS Offices Blog, i learnt a handful of important things. thanks to you!

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